Le Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France (6/6)
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Le Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France (6/6)

Le Mont Saint Michel is situated in Normandy in north-west France, in the English Channel. Originally an abbey built in 708, it was destroyed in 1203, and rebuilt in the 13th Century. It is situated in the Baie du Mont Saint Michel which boasts the second largest height difference between highest and lowest tide in the world (~15m, after Fundy Bay in Canada, ~17m), and is so flat the tide can rise up at the speed of a galloping horse.
Beautiful at any time of year, in particular at sunrise and sunset, these photos were taken in the late evening/just before sunset in the deepest of winter.

Canon EOS 500N with 20-80mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
Auto at f/5.6
Kodak Ektachrome Elite II 100

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